Miller Edge MIRCU-02 Infra-Red Control Unit

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Miller Edge MIRCU-02 Infra-Red Control Unit


OPERATOR INTERFACE MODULE  The Infra-Red Control Unit (MIRCU) is designed to convert a pulsed output from a monitored photo optic device to a normally open, non-monitored output. By converting a photo optic output to non-monitored, MIRCU allows for the use of monitored photo optic devices on older, pre-2010 operators. Additionally, MIRCU can be used to add a secondary entrapment protection if only one pulsed input is available. MIRCU has the added protection of being configured to be fail safe so that it reports a fault to the operator if power is lost.



· Converts a monitored pulsed output to a nonmonitored, dry contact output
· Creates a fail safe signal; reports a fault when power is lost
· Ideal for use with pre-2010 commercial door operators not requiring a monitored device
· Includes junction box for installation with coil cord or retracting reel
· NEMA 4 protection from moisture, dirt, and dust
· 1-year warranty