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The Miller Sensing Edge ME112 is a state-of-the-art pressure-sensitive safety solution designed to meet user specifications for length and outlet location. This innovative sensing edge is engineered to provide immediate signals to operator controls, ensuring swift halting or reversing of door operations upon contact.

Simple to retrofit to 1-3/8-inch sectional doors with compatible bottom bars and mounting channels, the slide-in style ME112 offers a sturdy double-T mounting design. This design enhances stability, making it ideal for use in commercial sectional doors and material handling systems.

Versatile in application, the ME112 is perfect for a range of settings, including commercial sectional doors and material handling systems. Its key features include easy installation, a size optimized for 1-3/8 inch thick surfaces, and the double-T design for additional stability. The sensing edge can be mounted vertically or horizontally, and its sealed assembly ensures protection against dust and debris.

Customizable to fit specific user needs, the ME112 can be manufactured to desired lengths and outlet locations. It is equipped with patented Alumaglas™ technology for superior electric performance, and it is recognized as a UL 325 Component. With a 1-year warranty and proudly made in the USA, the Miller Sensing Edge ME112 is a reliable safety solution that prioritizes performance and durability.

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ME112 is a pressure sensitive sensing edge that is manufactured to user specifications for length and outlet location. When touched activated, ME112 sends an immediate signal to operator controls to stop and/or reverse door operation. This sensing edge retrofits easily to 1-3/8-inch sectional doors with accepting bottom bar, as well as multiple compatible mounting channels. This slide-in style edge features a double-T mounting design, which provides superior stability for sectional overhead commercial doors and material handling system applications.


APPLICATIONS · Commercial sectional doors · Material handling systems


FEATURES · Easy to install · Optimum size for 1-3/8 inch thick surfaces · Double-T design for added stability · Mounts vertically or horizontally · Sealed assembly impervious to dust and debris · Mounting channel options · Custom manufactured to user specifications for length and outlet location · Patented Alumaglas™ for superior performance (electric option) · UL 325 Recognized Component · 1-year warranty · Made in USA


Cord Location



Monitored Devices Guidelines  For UL325 Listed Operators Built After August 29th, 2010 that have a Monitored Circuit
For older units Prior and other applications in most cases a Non Monitored edge is used

Please confirm with manufacture before ordering as edges are all edges are custom made and Not returnable


Monitored Sensing Edge Designator

T1  is a 8.2K Ohm Resistor Green Color Code    Typically used for European Operators


T2 is a 10K Ohm Resistor Blue Color Code Typically used by the Following Manufactures

Cornell / US Gear,  Liftmaster / Chamberlain,  Linear,  Manaras,  Micanan / Napoleon Lynx,

Raynor,  VE Power Door,  Cookson,, Lawrence


T3  Diode Capacitor  Red Color Code  Used for Overhead Door Corporation units


T4  Capacitor  White Color Code for Linear (Transmitter)


T5  6.8K Ohm Resistor  Orange Color Code   Custom Applications

T6  270K Ohm Resistor Violet Color Code Liftmaster CPS Board 


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