Miller Sensing Edge MT21

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The Miller Sensing Edge MT21 is a reliable and essential component for ensuring safety in various industrial applications. This product line offers three standard models, with the MT21 measuring at 2”W x 1”H. Designed to detect even the lightest touch, the sensing edge triggers an immediate signal to operator controls, halting or reversing door operation to prevent accidents or damage.

Crafted with a durable vinyl jacket, the MT edge switch is built to withstand rigorous industrial environments. Its flexible nature allows it to conform to irregularities in the floor, ensuring seamless functionality. The top tab easily inserts between double-L angle bottom bars on rolling doors, providing a secure fit for optimal performance.

Ideal for use in rolling fire doors, rolling steel doors, and material handling systems, the MT21 sensing edge boasts a range of features to meet diverse needs. Customizable to user specifications for color, length, and outlet location, it offers flexibility and versatility. The 5-6 inch end flaps create a complete seal and can be trimmed for a tailored fit, while the extended color options, including a yellow chemical-resistant XR5 jacket, cater to specific requirements.

With patented Alumaglas™ technology for superior electric performance, UL 325 Recognition, and a 1-year warranty, the Miller Sensing Edge MT21 is a reliable safety solution for industrial settings. Made in the USA, this product guarantees quality, durability, and peace of mind for operators and users alike.

The MT sensing edge product line consists of three standard models: MT21  (2”W x 1”H), MT22 (2”W x 2”H), and MT33 (3”W x 3”H). When touched lightly, the sensing edge will send an immediate signal to operator controls to stop and/or reverse door operation. The MT edge switch is covered in a durable vinyl jacket. The top tab inserts between the double-L angle bottoms bars on a rolling door. These sensing edges are flexible and can conform to irregularities in the floor. 

APPLICATIONS · Rolling fire doors · Rolling steel doors · Material handling systems


FEATURES · Optimum size for 2+ inch thick surfaces · Custom manufactured to user specifications  for color, length, and outlet location · Three standard models: MT21 (2”W x 1”H),  MT22 (2”W x 2”H), MT33 (3”W x 3”H) · 5-6 inch end flaps create a complete seal and can be trimmed for custom fit · Extended color options including yellow chemical resistant XR5 jacket · Flexible and will conform to floor irregularities · Sealed assembly impervious to dust and debris · Patented Alumaglas™ for superior performance (electric option) · UL 325 Recognized  Component · 1-year warranty · Made in US




Monitored Devices Guidelines  For UL325 Listed Operators Built After August 29th, 2010 that have a Monitored Circuit
For older units Prior and other applications in most cases a Non Monitored edge is used

Please confirm with manufacture before ordering as edges are all edges are custom made and Not returnable


Monitored Sensing Edge Designator

T1  is a 8.2K Ohm Resistor Green Color Code    Typically used for European Operators


T2 is a 10K Ohm Resistor Blue Color Code Typically used by the Following Manufactures

Cornell / US Gear,  Liftmaster / Chamberlain,  Linear,  Manaras,  Micanan / Napoleon Lynx,

Raynor,  VE Power Door,  Cookson,, Lawrence


T3  Diode Capacitor  Red Color Code  Used for Overhead Door Corporation units


T4  Capacitor  White Color Code for Linear (Transmitter)


T5  6.8K Ohm Resistor  Orange Color Code   Custom Applications

T6  270K Ohm Resistor Violet Color Code Liftmaster CPS Board 


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