Miller Edge MT21 14' Black

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MT21 Sensing edge, black, 2 wire 14 ft



The MT sensing edge product line consists of three standard models: MT21  (2”W x 1”H), MT22 (2”W x 2”H), and MT33 (3”W x 3”H). When touched lightly, the sensing edge will send an immediate signal to operator controls to stop and/or reverse door operation. The MT edge switch is covered in a durable vinyl jacket. The top tab inserts between the double-L angle bottoms bars on a rolling door. These sensing edges are flexible and can conform to irregularities in the floor. 


· Optimum size for 2+ inch thick surfaces

· Custom manufactured to user specifications  for color, length, and outlet location

· Three standard models: MT21 (2”W x 1”H),  MT22 (2”W x 2”H), MT33 (3”W x 3”H)

· 5-6 inch end flaps create a complete seal and can be trimmed for custom fit

· Extended color options including yellow chemical resistant XR5 jacket

· Flexible and will conform to floor irregularities

· Sealed assembly impervious to dust and debris

· Patented Alumaglas™ for superior performance (electric option)

· UL 325 Recognized  Component

· 1-year warranty · Made in USA