MillerEdge SM-101 Signature Module with junction box (use with DC/T3 sensing edges)

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SM-101 Signature Module.  The Miller Edge Signature Module is designed for use with UL 325 compliant commercial door operators. Both models are engineered to emulate a monitored pulsed sensing edge output required by some commercial door operators. Signature Modules are equipped with LED lights that indicate device power or fault conditions. They are easy to install and include a standard junction box.


· Converts a monitored sensing edge to a pulsed output as required by a commercial door operator:

- SM-101: Converts a diode capacitor edge

- SM102: Converts a 10K resistive edge

· LED lights indicate device power or fault conditions

· Easy wiring connections

· Includes junction box for installation with coil cord or retracting reel

· UL 325 Recognized Component

· 1-year warranty



· Signature Module (SM-101 or SM-102)

· Standard 2”x4” junction box

· (2) Clamp-on style wire fittings

· (4) Wire nuts