TransCore 13-0900-001 RFID-Enabled Hang Tags

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TransCore 13-0900-001 RFID-Enabled Hang Tags

AVI-based parking systems result in significantly increased throughput, both in and out of facilities.

In addition, the Hang Tag Format offers:

  • Ultimate portability, offering improved convenience with multiple vehicles
  • Customized formats and colors; maximize marketing/promotion opportunity
  • Enhanced security and enforcement increases safety for parkers; visually effective for patrolling staff
  • High reusability resulting in reduced cost and time to administer and is difficult to counterfeit
  • Existing hang tag distribution process does not have to change; compatible with both RF and non-RF tags
  • Enabled with TransCore RFID technology
  • Industry leader in parking and access control AVI
  • Facilitates high degree of sustainability (non-battery tags) and reduced congestion (low carbon footprint)
  • Recommended by industry consultants
  • High rate of customer acceptance