SZ-UMT-002 Dual Surface Mount Tag

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SZ-UMT-002 Specially Designed UHF RFID Tag for BOTH Automotive Glass (Windshield) & Plastic (Headlight) Surfaces.

Minimum order 50 pcs, and in multiples of 50 (customer order, non returnable)

**Site name required for order as well as FC code and starting number

 NOTE:   If the new tags are for a site that is using the Infinity Carina reader then you will need a firmware upgrade tool so that the Carina reader can read both old & new tags

Zenith has been designed as a multi surface RFID tag.  It can be mounted on either a vehicle’s windshield or headlamp and is designed and tuned to be a simple, single solution for any vehicle.

Whether applied inside or outside, the Zenith Universal Tag is constructed to provide reliable reading for years, even in extreme weather and driving environments. Designed as a vehicle tag from the ground up, only materials graded for outdoor and automotive application are used in the manufacturing of the Zenith Universal Tag.
The Zenith Universal Tag utilizes the new HEC IC chip that has next generation automatic error correction and increased sensitivity. It is ideal for use in high performance/security applications such as Parking and Access Control.
• Specially Designed for Vehicle Applications
• Tuned for Automotive Glass & Plastic
• Improved High Read Rate Performance
• Non Removable, Non Transferable
• IR/UV Light Protection
• Standard 1 Year Warranty
• Next Generation Error Correction
• Custom Chip Encoding
• Transparent
• 2 Part Label