Doorking 2108 eVolve Residential Video Entry System

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The 2108 eVolve is our most advanced and versatile residential Video Entry System, allowing the homeowner to program and control their System from virtually anywhere. The 2108 control dashboard is browser-based, so all that’s needed is an internet connection and a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to access the System Settings.

With the DKS 2108 app, the System can be controlled right from a smartphone, enabling users to grant entry to guests even from thousands of miles away. The 2108 features broadcast calling which allows up to four (4) phones to ring simultaneously when the call button is pushed. The 2108 can control up to three entry points and operates with either an internet (VoIP) or cellular connection.

Please note that the 2108 system uses the DKS Cloud for all operating functions and a monthly connection fee applies.



  • 16VAC, 20 VA transformer provided
  • 12VDC Backup power input
  • Three (3) type C relays, 1A max
  • Back Lighted Metal Keypad
  • Back Lighted Metal Push to Call button
  • Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • Galvanized Steel sub plate


Connectivity Network Connection:

  • User provided Internet connection required
  • Standard Residential Package Registration is required



  • Environmental: 10°F to 145°F (-12°C to 62°C)



  • DKS 2108 Video Calling app
  • All programming is shared in the cloud, updates show as they occur
  • Cloud based system – standard monthly fee applies to use the 2108
  • User provided Internet connection standard (see cellular options below)
  • Up to 10 residents with a maximum of four (4) phone numbers per resident
  • Entry codes (25 max) can be set to four (4) or five (5) digits
  • Built-in IP Camera for Video Calling
  • Broadcast Calling (up to four numbers simultaneously)
  • Do Not Call schedule
  • Hold Open schedule
  • Entry Code schedule
  • Microphone / Speaker volume control
  • Relay Status
  • Relay (Entry Point) names
  • Independent relay strike times
  • Relay (Door/Gate) control


Programming / User Features:

  • Programming via Internet Browser using a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • DKS Video Calling app
  • All programming is shared in the cloud
  • Updates show as they occur