RFID Long Range Reader - LMSC1000

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RFID Long Range Reader - LMSC1000

This is for reader only, tags are sold separately

Reader requires an weigand controller device this unit does not work as a stand along system.

Key Features

  • All LiftMaster Proprietary RFID tags work exclusively with our RFID Reader
  • Reads RFID tags 20 – 30‘ away, reducing vehicle congestion
  • Thoroughly tested to ensure RFID system works seamlessly with CAPXL, CAP2D and myQ® Business™ Community to control your LiftMaster Gate Operators

Dual-Purpose Vehicle RFID Tags (LMUNTG / SPLMUNTG) and Rearview Mirror RFID Hangtags (LMHNTG / SPLMHNTG) are available.

LMUNTG / LMHNTG do not require a specific Facility Code and ID you get what is in stock at the time.

SPLMUNTG / SPLMHNTG  Order these if you want to specify a particular  Facility Code and ID start number


  • Simple Distance Adjustments with RF dial on Wiegand module; no need for a laptop.
  • Versatile Dual-Purpose RFID Tag can be mounted to headlamp or windshield (plastic or glass surfaces; no battery required).


  • Durable application: able to withstand most climates, temperatures and conditions, including car washes.


  • Unique Identification applied to each individual tag for community and visitor traceability.
  • Non-Transferable Dual-Purpose Tags are designed to break on removal to prevent RFID tags from being stolen or misused.
  • Seamless Operation by LiftMaster proprietary RFID tags, working exclusively with our RFID Reader.


  • Dimensions:  10.25”W x 10.25”L x 1.25”D
  • Operating Temperature:  -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)
  • Connectivity: 26-Bit Wiegand (D0, D1, GND)
  • Warranty:  1-Year

Compatible Accessories:

  • CAPXL Connected Access Portal, High Capacity cloud-based access control for residents and guests.
  • CAP2D Connected Access Portal, 2-Door Controller cloud-based, credentialed access control.
  • PPWR Passport Receiver compatible with all standard Wiegand Protocols.
  • CSW24UL 24VDC High Traffic Commercial Swing Operator for heavy-traffic swing gate applications.