Multi Purpose Spray Lube L6960 (Blue)

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mpsl - blue
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Multi Purpose Spray Lube L6960 (Blue)

L6960 Fehr Ultra is a PTFE heavy duty Multipurpose Lubricant designed to protect doors, gates, and other equipment. It dispenses as an oil-like lubricant that penetrates and then sets up as a viscous high impact grease minimizing friction and wear.

A very versatile lubricant with a wide temperature range of -30°F to 600°F.


VOC compliant in all 50 States.

L6960 Door & Operator Multi-Purpose PTFE Lubricant
  • Available for Private Label
  • Sprays on like an oil, sets up to a tough protective grease in minutes
  • PTFE remains on surface leaving a protective coating
  • Non-Chlorinated, heavy duty

L6960 is a high pressure lubricant. Please use caution when applying.