Miller Edge TG-R-K TruGuard Monitored Reflective Photo Eye

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 Miller Edge TG-R-K TruGuard Monitored Reflective Photo Eye

The Miller Edge TruGuard monitored reflective photo optic system combines an emitter and receiver in the same housing. The reflector, equipped with hood for added sunlight immunity, returns the photo optic beam to the emitter/receiver unit. This system functions as a protective barrier guarding an entrapment or hazard zone. When an obstruction interrupts the invisible barrier, a signal is sent to motor controls to stop and/or reverse motion. A visible light beam eases alignment to the reflector making it easy to install.


· 30 ft. range

· Normally closed and 10K outputs

· Easy installation and minimal maintenance with reflector

· Polarized beam and corner cube reflector reject false reflection and increase sunlight immunity

· Emitter/receiver can be mounted vertically or horizontally

· Durable mounting bracket and reflector hood provide added protection against debris and serve as weather and sun shields

· IP67 housing protects against moisture and dust

· UL 325 Recognized Component

· 2-year warranty


· Emitter/receiver unit

· Emitter/receiver bracket/hood

· Reflector

· Reflector hood