Liftmaster H101L5 Industrial-Duty Hoist Operator

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Liftmaster H1011 Industrial-Duty Hoist Operator 1 HP, 110 VAC

Liftmaster Hoist H-style operators include a floor level chain hoist to ease manual operation in an emergency or power outage. The operators are typically mounted to the wall when used with larger sectional overhead doors with vertical or high lift and mounted to the wall or the front of the hood when used with rolling doors and grilles. H operators are attached to the door jackshaft to indirectly drive the door.


• MyQ® Technology enables you to securely monitor and control your facility operator and lights with your smartphone, tablet or computer for greater peace of mind.

• Alerts can be received as email or pop-up (push) notifications on a mobile device, ensuring the status of your commercial door.

• MyQ Mobile App is a free download with no annual activation fee.

Safety and Security

• Security+ 2.0™ safeguards your facility – with every click, a new code is sent to the commercial door operator so the door opens only for you.
Use 813Lm remotes sold separately

*UL 325 requires all commercial door operators to be either constant pressure to close or be equipped with a primary external monitored entrapment protection device.
Liftmaster H101L5 Installation Manual (click here)

Liftmaster H1011 Industrial-Duty Hoist Operator 1 HP, 110 VAC
Now Logic Version 5.0 with MyQ compatibility
The Model H continuous-duty door operator is designed for use on rolling doors and grilles and industrial sectional doors with high or vertical lift.

Uses 813LM remotes sold separately. Liftmaster H101L5 Installation Manual (click here)
** when ordering left or right side mount the reference is from Inside looking out**