Liftmaster 860LM Universal Weather Resistant Receiver [860LMMC]

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Designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings, the Universal Receiver and accompanying remote controls feature Security+ 2.0 technology. It utilizes a new, innovative and exclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio, which virtually eliminates radio interference, and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance. Property managers can support and manage multiple access points, such as the main gate, tenant and visitor doors, commercial doors, and even parking entrances, all with a single remote control solution that offers superior range and security.

Liftmaster 860LM Universal Weather Resistant Receiver
Weather-resistant for outdoor mounting requirements Provides convenient access to gated communities, industrial facilities, and commercial sites all with a single transmitter solution Three channels provide expanded remote control capacity: Channel 1 - 50 remotes, Channel 2 - 20 remotes, Channel 3 - 20 remotes Multiple remote control options available to provide secure access from the safety and convenience of a vehicle Compact design fits most gate and commercial door operators Compatible with 811LM, 813LM, and all MAX remote controls Power: 12-24VDC or 12-24VAC Relay Outputs: Output channels - 1 FORM C and 2 FORM A relays Narrow-band on 310 MHz, 315 MHz, and 390 MHz Security+ 2.0 Rolling Code and Encrypted DIP Operational temperature from -35 to 65 degrees C; Storage temperature from -40 to 85 decrees C Compliant with FCC Part 15 1-year warranty