Liftmaster 850LM Universal Receiver [850LMMC]

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Product Price: $60.35
Designed for both gated communities and commercial buildings,
the new Receiver works with remote controls that feature Security+ 2.0 technology.
It utilizes a new, innovative and exclusive narrow band multi-frequency radio, which virtually eliminates radio interference, and eliminates customer call backs due to poor range performance.
Offers a great solution when LED lighting causes radio interference.
Provides convenient access to gated communities, industrial facilities, and commercial sites all with a single transmitter solution
Three channels provide expanded remote control capacity: Channel 1 - 50 remotes, Channel 2 - 20 remotes, Channel 3 - 20 remotes
Multiple remote control options available to provide secure access from the safety and convenience of a vehicle
Compact design fits most gate and commercial door operators
Receiver available in convenient weather-resistant version *860LM*
Compatible with 811LM and all MAX remote controls
Power: 12-24VDC or 12-24VAC
Relay Outputs: Output channels - 1 FORM C and 2 FORM A relays
Narrow-band on 310 MHz, 315 MHz, and 390 MHz Security+ 2.0 Rolling Code and Encrypted DIP
Operational temperature from -35 to 65 degrees C; Storage temperature from -40 to 85 decrees C
Compliant with FCC Part 15 1-year warranty