Linear EP-402 Entry Pro Telephone Entry Series [720-200402] [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

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REPLACEMENT 720-200436



Linear EP-402 Entry Pro Telephone Entry Series

The Linear EP-402 Entry Pro Telephone Entry Series offers advanced features and reliable performance for secure access control. With the Linear EP-402, you can conveniently manage visitor entry through a user-friendly interface. This linear call box provides seamless communication, ensuring smooth interactions and enhanced security. Designed to meet your needs, the Linear EP-402 Entry Pro Telephone Entry Series combines modern technology with ease of use, making it an ideal choice for any facility requiring efficient access control solutions.

The new Linear Entry Pro Telephone Entry lineup provides affordable, unparalleled performance for browser-based access control and multi-door telephone entry in an all-in-one unit. Our new products offer an innovative user interface that is easily viewed in all weather conditions – even in direct sunlight.


And Entry Pro users will appreciate improvements like crystal clear two-way audio, network stability and enhanced weather-resistant housing and seals. And the Entry Pro lineup End users will appreciate the intuitive user interface with a display that is viewable even in direct sunlight.

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The EP-402 features:
- a 4.3” color display,
- is ready for 2 doors and
- upgradable with a license purchase.

• New generation panel looks the same on the outside but is packed with upgraded hardware and software on the inside.

• New CPU improves system performance.

• New software improves communication across multiple networked devices.


Compatible card reader BT135-W

Uses cards CLM135-L

Key Fobs KFB135-L