Liftmaster 894LT 4 button visor learning remote [894LTMC]

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Liftmaster 894LT is designed for Sec+2.0 and Sec+ applications,
also they have the ability to clone Liftmaster / Chamberlain branded Dip-Switch codes.
The following are the key features and benefits of the 894LT:
Replacement for Models 374LM and 974LM
** Assuming the code in the 374 or 974 was originated by a dip switch remote**
Compatible with the following type of operators or receivers Sec+2.0 Sec+ Dip-Switch when cloning other Dip-Switches Remote Controls such as: 811LM, 813LM - Sec+2.0 331LM, 361LM, 362LM, 363LM, 333LM - 315Mhz Sec+ 61LM, 63LM - 390MHz Burst Technology -
Sends out multiple frequencies on the same code at the same time (Sec+2.0 only) 2 and 4 button options
Typically used in gated communities along with a garage door opener.
This single remote control will allow you to copy the code used for the gate instead of carrying 2 remote controls in the vehicle.

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Taking a look at the Liftmaster 894LT remote control. It's a 4 button remote control that works on all Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Sears garage door openers that have a Red, Orange, Purple or Round Yellow colored learn button. It replaces the 974LM and 374LM remotes that have been discontinued.

To program the unit simply locate the learn button on your garage door opener. If you are having trouble finding it look for the antenna wire hanging down from the motor unit, the logic board is usually right above that. The board has the learn button on it. It may be behind the light bulb cover as shown here or the panel just may be exposed on other models. If you get up on a ladder and you look at it you should see the colored learn button set inside the panel, it could be any color.

To program the remote control simply open the access door on the remote control. You will see the AAA battery and a round black program switch. Simply press and hold that program button, the red LED on the remote control lights up and stays on. Once that's on steady go to your garage door motor, push then release the colored learn button until the LED on the garage door motor comes on. Then on the remote control decide which of the 4 buttons you want to use to control that door and simply push that button. The light on your remote will blink, wait and see if the garage door motor unit responds either by flashing the light bulbs or moving the door.

If it doesn't respond then push that same button on the remote control again and see if the motor responds. Repeat this process until the door responds. Once the door responds then in the remote control press and release the round black button inside next to the battery again and that will lock it in and you're all set to go.

You can now test it and the button you just programed should open your garage door.

Another feature on this remote control is its ability to learn a code directly from a Liftmaster or Chamberlain dip switch remote like a 61LM or 361LM.

To do so simply push and release the round black program button next to the battery inside the 894LT remote. Then press and hold the button on the 61LM or 361LM remote control, the light will blink on the remote control. Then press the button on the 894LT remote that you want to use to control the device. The light will blink fast then goes back to steady. At that point press and release the round program button next to the battery and that will lock it in.