811LMX Single Button Programmable DIP Remote Control

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REPLACES 33LM, 61LM, 361LM and 811LM remotes (see note below)

 811LMX Single Button Programmable DIP Remote Control

LiftMaster Programmable DIP single-button remote control.
Programmable to be:
Encrypted DIP Security+2.0 (811LM) - Default
315 MHz DIP (361LM)
390 MHz DIP (61LM)

white, gray or yellow learn button  **Note not for use on units made after 2010 with round yellow learn button (security 2.0)c

Ideal for applications such as gated communities or commercial applications requiring a large number of remote controls for a common entrance.
Compatible for cloning with 892LT & 894LT Learning Remote Controls.
Easy to program to previous technology.

NOTE:  There is a problem with this remote when using it as a replacement for the 61LM, 361LM or 811LM remotes it WILL NOT clone a remote that has the #1 dip switch in the on position.

or any switches in the middle or 0 position.

If you existing remotes use a code that has the #1 switch on then you will need to program in the new 811LMX into the system directly.

This will allow the old remotes and new 811LMX remotes to both control the system.

If your existing remotes do not have the #1 switch on or any  switches in the middle position then you will not have an issue.


811LMX Programming Instructions


Elevate Your Security with LiftMaster 811LMX Gate Remote

Meta Description: Discover seamless control and enhanced security with the LiftMaster 811LMX remote. Compatible with LiftMaster openers, this advanced remote ensures convenience and peace of mind. Elevate your gate experience today.

Unlock the Power of Convenience and Security with LiftMaster 811LMX

Upgrade your gate access with the LiftMaster 811LMX, a cutting-edge garage door remote designed for modern convenience and heightened security. Engineered by LiftMaster, a trusted name in gate automation, the 811LMX is the perfect solution for effortless and secure access to your gate.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Compatibility: The LiftMaster 811LMX is compatible with a wide range of LiftMaster gate openers, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing setup.

  2. Secure Access: Experience peace of mind with the 811LMX's advanced security features.

  3. Easy Programming: Setting up your new remote is a breeze. Follow simple instructions for quick programming, and enjoy hassle-free control of your gate.

  4. Compact Design: The compact and ergonomic design of the 811LMX fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

  5. Long Battery Life: With long-lasting battery life, you can rely on the LiftMaster 811LMX for consistent performance without the need for frequent replacements.

Why Choose LiftMaster?

LiftMaster is synonymous with quality and innovation in gate automation. When you choose the 811LMX, you're investing in a product crafted with precision and backed by a brand with a proven track record.

How to Buy:

Ready to elevate your gate experience? Order your LiftMaster 811LMX today and enjoy the convenience and security it brings to your home.


Upgrade to the LiftMaster 811LMX and enjoy the perfect blend of convenience and security for your gate. Elevate your home automation with a trusted brand—LiftMaster.

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