Liftmaster CAPXLV Smart Video Intercom - L

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LiftMaster Smart Video Intercom - L Cloud-based access control for residential communities.

Key Features:

  • Allows the resident to visually identify guests at the entrance and grant/deny access with the myQ Community app. Plus, the myQ Community app now has a "press to unlock" feature so that residents can unlock any authorized entrance from their smartphones.
  • Integrated camera with high-definition interface; one-way video calling and two-way voice communication.
  • Single Dashboard, single data base, multiple communities from anywhere.


  • Intuitive Interface with Picture-in-Picture. Touch display for superior resident and guest usability.
  • Customizable Background  on a 10", full-color, 720p high-definition screen.
  • Remote Programming and activity monitoring using myQ Community web platform.
  • Configurable Email Notifications know when codes are overused or if service is needed for the Smart Video Intercom (CAPXLV,CAPXM), Smart Access 2-Door Controller (CAP2D), or Gate Operator.
  • Integrations - myQ Community web platform streamlines tenant information management, enhancing property manager productivity and resident experience through an integration partnership with RealPage, Yardi, Entrata, and more.
  • Eliminate Trenching with Wi-Fi® and wireless link to Liftmaster® Gate Operators.


  • Voice Over IP (VoIP) provides digital call quality with no long-distance charges.
  • Stainless Steel for a modern, durable design.
  • Local System Memory allows residents to enter even when the internet is down.
  • UL® 294 Listed.


  • Get Alerted when a suspended code is used or if an active code is being overused.
  • Real-Time Activity Tracking with myQ Community web platform.
  • Digital Video and 30 sec clip storage messaging(sendable clips for insurance, accountability).
  • Cloud-Based Security keeps data protected and safeguards resident information.

Total Solution Accessories:

  • CAPXM Smart Video Intercom - M cloud-based, credentialed access control for visitors and guests in mid-sized communities.
  • CAP2D Smart Access 2-Door Controller cloud-based, credentialed access control.
  • CAPXLCAM  Add to your existing CAPXL.
  • CAPCELL Cellular 4G/LTE Modem with Wi-Fi makes it easy to connect CAPXL and CAP2D(s) anywhere (Not recommended for applications with video features).
  • CAPXLTK Trim Kit and Back Kit conceal openings left from other systems in flush-mount, Infinity L and Icon installations.
  • Passport Remote Controls PPV3M / PPK3PHM / PPLK1-X visor and keychain remotes with unique credentialed IDs.
  • LMMC-MINI multiCLASS® SE RP10 Mini Mullion proximity reader for credentialed access.
  • LMPC2-ST PROXCARD II® 1326 Clamshell Card Proximity card for credentialed access.
  • 86LM/WFAEXT Antenna Mounting Kit For extended range or remote mounting for radios or Wi-Fi.
  • Gate Operators CSW24UL / CSL24UL / HCTDCUL Ensure quick and safe access for residential communities. Pair with CAPXLV for remote system diagnostics.


  • 4 to 8 Digit Entry Codes.
  • 4 to 6 Digit Directory Codes.
  • 50,000 Local User Capacity Per Unit.
  • 50,000 Local Event History Per Unit.
  • Holiday and Hold-Open Scheduling, including one-time and repeating exceptions.


  • 24VDC, 60W (Minimum), class 2 output, level VI Efficiency, (Power supply Input 100‐240VAC, 2A 50/60Hz).
  • Power Supply Included.


  • CAPXLV: 18" x 14" x 4.5"
  • CAPXLTK (Outer Trim): 23.75" x 19.375"


  • 10", 720p High-definition touch display with picture in picture.
  • Compatible Wiegand Input formats: 26 Bit, 30 Bit, 37 Bit (HID), 37 Bit (Transcore), and 32 Bit (MiFare).
  • Camera angle 135°.
  • Fade-and glare-resistant display.
  • Outdoor stainless-steel housing.
  • Built-in Security+ 2.0® radio.
  • Postal lock provision.
  • Surface, flush (CAPXLTK) or pedestal (PED42, PED64) mount
  • Camera ready; use any standard pinhole camera.

Standard Specs.
Communication Internet (Dynamic or Static IP)

  • myQ Community subscription required.
  • Internet via wired Ethernet 10/100/1000 (DHCP, Static configuration), or WiFi (DHCP configuration only).
  • Cellular (optional CAPCELL) - Confirm cellular plan when using CAPCELL with video to prevent exceeding plan limits.
  • Dedicated Video Bandwidth per CAPXLV:
  • Recommend a minimum upload bandwidth of 5Mbps. This upload speed should be met when considering usage of other devices on the network like cameras and computers.


  • DSP, clear, unparalled audio communications in noisy environments.
  • VoIP (Voice over IP).
  •® Service Required for VoIP(additional charges may apply).

Onboard Radio:

  • Integrated Passport Receiver with Security+ 2.0® Technology.


  • 2-Year

Input Ports:

  • 4 Wiegand Inputs.
  • 4 Request to-Exit (REX) Inputs.
  • 4 Supervised inputs.
  • 1 Auto-Call input (Requires LPEXP).


  • 4 Primary relays.
  • 4 Auxiliary relays.
  • 12 VDC, 250ma power output for Wiegand devices.
  • 1 Wiegand (26 Bit) output for elevator or enterprise access control integration.
  • Controls 4 Gates/Doors; wirelessly link LiftMaster UL 325 Gate Operators, (Manufactured After October 2017); no need to trench.

Operating Temperature:

  • -20°F - 130°F (-29°C - 51°C)