emx irb-ret retroreflective photo eye

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The irb-ret retroreflective photo eye is an external entrapment protection device type B1, non-contact sensor for use with automatic gates and doors. The light beam is near infrared and pulses at a rate of 300/second (300Hz). Since the reflector directs the beam back to the photo eye, wiring to the other side of the roadway is not required. The IRB-RET provides a signal to the gate or door operator that the beam is not obstructed. The operating range is up to 60ft. The IRB-RET operates over a wide range of 6-40VDC and 12-24VAC (dependent on configuration selection).
A red alignment indicator on the receiver provides status information at a glance, making set-up and alignment easy. A green LED indicates power.
The IRB-RET includes 3 selectable operating configurations and provides 5 monitoring options for compatibility with most operators that accommodate monitored external entrapment protection devices. The IRB-RET complies with UL325 requirements effective Jan.12, 2016. Refer to operator manufacturers instructions to assure compatibility.

emx irb-ret retroreflective photoeye, includes REFLECTOR-O-EX and mounting bracket with hardware