ANT-1A: 7-inch Mid-range Antenna SNE00031

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The Model ANT-1A 7-inch Mid-range Antenna works with Linear’s line of 27 MHz mid-range transmitters and receivers. The Model ANT-1A is an 7-inch rubber duck antenna for short range applications (less than 1 mile). The ANT-1A is supplied with a CON-180A (straight) connector to mate the antenna to a transmitter or receiver. For a right angle antenna mounting, add a CON-90A right angle connector between the ANT-1A antenna and the CON-180A connector. Features * Antenna for Linear’s mid-range transmitters and receivers * Seven-inch ”rubber duck” style * Supplied with CON-180A straight antenna connector * Order CON-90A connector for right angle antenna mounting * Dimensions .65” W x 7” H x .65” D

Linear ANT-1A: 7-inch Mid-range Antenna SNE00031