LBR30Z-1 Z-Wave Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light (BR30 style)

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The Bulbz indoor flood light (Model LBR30Z-1) is a Z-Wave light bulb that has the characteristics consumers want in a flood light form factor, with the added capability of remote and automation-system control. It’s a great solution for consumers who want to have ’scene’ or remote control capability on their recessed ’can’ lights or track lighting fixtures, without having to mess with any electrical wiring - it’s as simple as screwing in a bulb!

Installation Instructions


Uses only 7.5 watts of energy and provides as much light as a traditional 65-watt incandescent flood light bulb (650 lumens)

Medium-cool 5,000K light appearance (pleasant and cool, providing near-daylight illumination)

Perfect for recessed ‘can’ (4" or larger) and track light fixtures that use flood lights; for kitchens, bathrooms, family & living rooms, foyers, offices - you name it

Annual energy consumption (@ 3 hrs./day, 11¢/kWh) is only $0.90!

Includes wall light switch ‘clip’ that will keep the light switch in the ‘on’ position to ensure that the Z-Wave circuitry inside the flood light bulb is always active

Dimensions: 3.75" diameter by 5.375" high