GoGoGate 2 Connects Gates and Garage to Smart phone

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Remotely operation of garage doors and gates from Smartphone, Tablet or PC
Garage Door / Gate Status Monitoring
Smartphone notifications for garage door / gate events (open, close or left open)
Access management: grant or deny access to your guests
Visual and audio warning system for remote operation
Easy to Install and program (Not Waterproof)
** Not compatible with Liftmaster, Chamberlain or Craftsman MyQ units

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Non compatible Garage Door Openers list click here

GoGoGate can contol up to 3 different devices. Does require hardwired inputs to the device. In some cases if the gate if far away from the garage doors it might be less expensive to buy 2 GoGogate devices
rather than running wires.

Quick Start Guide click here


Brochure click here

Non compatible Garage Door Openers list click here

Connect the device directly from the app on your Smartphone (iPhone and Android) or from your PC* to your Wi-Fi network.

Once your Gogogate2 device is connected to your Wi-Fi network, attach the device to the back of your wall push button or garage door opener. You may need a screwdriver to perform this task.

After programming and installing the Gogogate2 device, you may want to install a optional wireless or wired sensor in your garage door or gate to remotely monitor their status anywhere

1) Place your wireless sensor at the top of your garage door.

Make sure the “this side up” label on the sensor is facing the


2. Place your wired sensor in the middle of your gate in the side

closer to the Gogogate2 device. Wired part placed on the wall.

Gogogate2 can work with or without internet. This means that you can install the system anywhere.

However, when the Gogogate2 is installed in an area without internet access, the device will create its own Wi-Fi network. The only problem in this case is that the gate can only be used locally, in a range of 150-300 ft (depends on where the device is installed).

When Gogogate2 is installed in an area with internet access (either via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable), the device will connect to an external network so you can operate your gate remotely from anywhere through internet.

In the event you want to control a gate from anywhere but there is no internet access in place, here is a list of alternatives:

- Extend reach of Wi-Fi signal with an Access Point (if gate is between 150/300 ft from the house):

- Connect device at the gate with router with a Power Line communicator (you use shared electrical grid between gate and house):

You will need a compatible Ethernet adaptor:

- Connect device from the gate to the router with an Ethernet cable (you will also need an adaptor for the GGG2 device)


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    incomplete package

    Posted by David Kaiser on Dec 23rd 2016

    Does not have the wireless door sensor ($35 more) so it only works as a remote control until you buy the sensor.