831T: 3-Button 190-107483

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The Model 831T 3-Button, 1-Door, Open-Close-Stop, Stationary Transmitter is designed for commercial automatic door and gate operator applications. This transmitter can operate a single receiver connected to one operator. The transmitter has three buttons for Open, Close, and Stop commercial operator functions. The three operation pushbuttons have a surrounding bezel to shield them from accidental activation. The Stop button is colored red for easy identification. One 3-channel commercial door or gate receiver can be controlled by the 831T transmitter. The Model 831T is compatible with 831R, 831RJ, MVP-3CH-24V-3T-4W, MVP-3CH-12V-8W-FC, MVP-3CH-24V-8W-FC, MVP-RE-24V-8W-FC, and MVP-MR 3-Channel receivers used in Open, Close, Stop applications.
Compatible with 3-channel Allstar and MVP receivers
Stationary mounting
Easy access to battery and coding switch
Power: 9-volt battery
Codes: 6561 (set by eight trinary dip switches)
RF frequency: 318 MHz
Dimensions: 3.625" W x 6.625" H x 2.375" D